Episode 21: Kristina Esfandiari – Miserable


Here’s episode 21 with Kristina Esfandiari with the band Miserable!

Kristina was awesome to talk to before her show Feb. 7th at Holland Project in Reno. She is the front woman for Miserable as well as the “doom metal” band King Woman. We talked about her early music influences growing up in Sacramento CA and how she gravitated to performing because of her passion for music with help from friends giving her a guitar.

Kristina Esfandiari is Miserable. Based in the Bay Area and the vocalist in King Woman, Kristina writes and performs a brand of moving and evocative music that oozes with nostalgia – and the forthcoming Uncontrollable LP is no different. The album Uncontrollable was released on The Native Sound label in April 2016.

Here’s the video for the King Woman single “Deny” that we discussed in this episode.

The following songs from Miserable are featured on this episode:

“Oven” from Uncontrollable

“Violet” from Uncontrollable

You can purchase albums from Miserable on their Bandcamp page.

Follow Miserable on Facebook, and Kristina on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out King Woman on Bandcamp and Facebook.

The King Woman album Created in the Image of Suffering will be out on Relapse Records Feb. 24th 2017. You can pre-order their record here.

Thank you to Holland Project for hosting the show and letting us use their space for this episode. If you’d like to support Holland Project, go see a show or donate on their website at hollandreno.org.

Thanks for listening!

Hosted and Produced by David Hadel


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