Episode 28: Rigorous Proof


Here’s episode 28 with Rigorous Proof!

The guys from Rigorous Proof had a conversation with me recently at The Saint in Reno about how they got together and their creative process. They are currently working on a new album coming out soon. You can listen to their latest single “AK-47” exclusively on Tunetrax.

Rigorous Proof is a “Post Modern Alternative Rock” outfit from Reno, Nevada. The band is fronted by the mercurial guitarist and singer, Johnny “Harpo” Bailey, who some have described as “James Brown, Jimmy Page and Ray Davies put in a blender and poured into Syd Barrett’s paisley shirt.” Johnny is supported by the stoic and pragmatic Adam “Lando” Landis on keys and backup vocals, rounded out by the groovy and jovial Jesse “JayBo” Gaddis on bass guitar, and solidified by the missing link between John Bonham and Ringo Starr—Wesley “WoFo” Forster on drums and percussion. Rigorous Proof plays music that blends a love for the old and the new, with lyrics pulling from narratives of triumph, despair, and sardonic wit. Think Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Arctic Monkeys and Wilco all fused together as one.

Check out their live recordings and performances from The Reno Sessions below.

The following songs by Rigorous Proof from their album Perspectives are featured on this episode:

“All Time Is Now”

“October Sky”

Follow Rigorous Proof on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for future shows and upcoming releases.

Purchase music by Rigorous Proof on their Bandcamp page and to find out more about them visit their website at rigorousproof.com.

Please help support help bring an all-ages community radio station to Northern NV! Visit kwnkradio.org for more info.

Thanks for listening.

Hosted and Produced by David Hadel


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