Episode 30: Chris Staples


Here’s episode 30 with Chris Staples!

Chris Staples played a solo performance on his living room show tour with Undertow Music Collective at 7th Street Station recently in Reno. We talked about his recording / writing process, his musical roots growing up in Florida, then moving on to creating his own sound in Seattle and releasing his music with Barsuk Records.

Here’s a little info from his bio written by Kathleen Tarrant:

“Starting in his hometown in Florida, all the way to the Pacific Northwest, Staples has built a career writing songs in their most immediate form – a moment happens, and to process it he lets a thought or feeling guide the song into being. This mentality has carried him from his first solo record, Panama (2001) to American Soft, and with each album Staples’ core strengths have grown into a subtle brilliance – innate melody, intense allegory, and the deceptive sinew behind songs that could easily be dismissed as merely quiet.”

“Balancing his music with day jobs in construction and carpentry, and playing at times in other people’s bands, Staples struggled to focus the many parts of his creative life, but didn’t have the capacity to make a change.  His life was split between work, split between his home in Seattle and his roots in Florida, where he had always gone to write and record his albums.”

Here’s the video for the song “Golden Age” from his recent album Golden Age.

Here’s the KEXP performance from 2014.

The following songs from American Soft and Golden Age are featured on this episode:

“Hold Onto Something”

“Golden Age”

Follow Chris Staples on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming shows and future releases.

Check out his website at chrisstaplesmusic.com for more info and cool merch!

You can purchase his songs and full albums on Bandcamp. Follow his page for new music when it’s released.

Thanks for listening.

Hosted and Produced by David Hadel


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