Episode 27: Travis Hayes and The Young Daze


Here’s episode 27 with Travis Hayes and The Young Daze!

Travis Hayes and The Young Daze performed at The Saint in Reno this past weekend with Reno hometown heroes Rigorous Proof and People With Bodies. I got a chance to chat with Travis Hayes and The Young Daze before they performed about their music, recent west coast tour stopping through SXSW and plans to release their future album.

Travis Hayes isn’t the type to wear emotions on his sleeve. He saves that for his songs- brutally honest most of the time, and endearingly heartfelt all the time. Hayes continues the timeless tradition of soul-bearing songwriting to interpret our shared human experience into music. Love, heartbreak, fading friendships, fraught relationships – they’re all expressed achingly through his impassioned voice and melodic guitar lines. Hayes echoes the earnestness of Springsteen, the pop sensibility of Petty, and the raw emotion of Ryan Adams. Simply put by Music Junkie Press, “If you are from the Bay Area and haven’t been to a Travis Hayes show, then you are missing out.”

Check out the video for the song Teen Haze below.

You can purchase their music on their Bandcamp page or at iamtravishayes.com

The following songs by Travis Hayes are featured on this episode:

“Song From A Movie”

“Young Daze”

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Visit their site kwnkradio.org for more info.

Thanks for listening.

Hosted and Produced by David Hadel


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